051 Reunion – Thank You

Well what can i say about the 051 reunion at Camp and Furnace . It was so amazing to see 2000 ravers come into those warehouses and just let loose to all the original tunes with all the original djs . The feedback has been so special and thats down to the unique atmosphere thats only created when you get a gathering of people who simply LOVE there music.   So many old faces and it was so nice to chat to so many of you about old times and some great memories. The word reunion is banded about a lot these days but when you do it properly then it all clicks into place and Sat night was one of those special nights.   It was such a buzz to finally get all the original Djs together for the 1st time and we all enjoyed it just as much as you lot did. One thing that stood out for me was hoe many of you where singing all the words to all the anthems , it was just so nice to see. In this day & age of mobile phones and there cameras its often slagged off that so many hold them up but at the 051 reunion you lot where too busy dancing and singing and simply reliving all them special times at Club 051   We couldn’t bring those legendary 051 stairs back but we certainly brought back all the memories … Im sure we will all get a chance to do it all over again   Thank to everyone who came xx