As you may well know I decided to leave Radio City after nearly 20 years at the radio station  Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at the most amazing radio station for not only the opportunity all them years ago but all the support they have always shown me. I have formed so many […]

Well what can i say about the 051 reunion at Camp and Furnace . It was so amazing to see 2000 ravers come into those warehouses and just let loose to all the original tunes with all the original djs . The feedback has been so special and thats down to the unique atmosphere thats […]

A trip down memory lane - The Grafton So anyone who knows me will know that i just love getting back inside any of Liverpool's iconic nightclubs or buildings and recently i got a chance to roam around one of the most talked about venues , even if sometimes it was for the wrong reasons! […]

Come on … We all have some terrible old pics from years gone by but i am unsure as to whether anyone has one with a worse haircut than mine! I found this when rooting through some old boxes in the loft and i immediately rang my mum to ask her exactly what she was […]

If you could go back into JUST ONE legendary nightclub in the N West ..... Where would you choose? For me it would HAVE to be THE QUADRANT PARK in Bootle , Liverpool ❤️ Heres a pic of me on the dance floor in The Quad in 1990 and some other shots of those legendary […]

So here’s a pic I found of me in The State in 1994 and it really made me smile in many ways and for many reasons.Firstly in took my back to the amazing nights at The State and my early years of djing at the legendary club on Dale Street.The State is such an iconic […]



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