If you could go back…

If you could go back into JUST ONE legendary nightclub in the N West ..... Where would you choose? For me it would HAVE to be THE QUADRANT PARK in Bootle , Liverpool ❤️

Heres a pic of me on the dance floor in The Quad in 1990 and some other shots of those legendary Quad nights in 1990 & 1991 plus some flyers to tickle your memory lane taste buds 😁😁

Maybe it was because it was the fact that generations where totally swept away by this new sound of music, this new acid house scene , the time , the place , the drugs and the fact it was all so fresh ...

Non of us had been brought up listening to our mums n dads playing house music like nowadays and for that reason i feel it was something different , something special - The 1st time! 

Maybe you cant recreate the 1st time , a gathering of every type of person from all sorts of different backgrounds just totally blown away by this brand new experience.

I know for sure that you 100% do not see the atmosphere the quad created anywhere at all nowadays .. The love in the crowd and the passion for the music was just breath taking and i for one feel very very lucky and privileged to have been there every sat night.

Lots of people ask me 'Lee how come its not like it was years ago like in the Quad , The State , Club 051 etc ' ...  Or are the younger generation of today still getting that type of buzz when they go to these amazing festivals and events , i still see lots of the younger generation absolutely loving there new experiences of the rave scene , loving there fav djs and loving there fav tracks ... Still getting a huge high from going to these very special events or trips to Ibiza.

So do us older generation feel like our era was extra special when in reality it was just 'our time' and the younger generation are actually having theres with the same buzz and feeling ?? 

I do know for sure though that the break through of the original acid /rave scene was something very very special and i think if like me you where a part of that movement then you where part of something every very special thats difficult to recreate  Rave on!