A trip down memory lane - The Grafton

So anyone who knows me will know that i just love getting back inside any of Liverpool's iconic nightclubs or buildings and recently i got a chance to roam around one of the most talked about venues , even if sometimes it was for the wrong reasons!

The Grafton Ballroom was an entertainment centre in Liverpool, England that on opened on 9 February 1924. it was a purpose-built dance hall able to accommodate 1,200 dancers. More recently it has been closed so i was thrilled to get inside and get some pictures.

It literally was like the place has been frozen in time and as you can see from the pictures , it ain't changed at all. It was a strange feeling walking around the place but a good one, even the old cloakroom is still there and all the old light up signs on the walls.

The old listing rig is still above the dance floor and the old dj box ain't changed …

We should cherish our iconic venues and make sure they stay with us as theres not many left

Hope this brought back some good memories for you