Flashback … 1994

So here’s a pic I found of me in The State in 1994 and it really made me smile in many ways and for many reasons.

Firstly in took my back to the amazing nights at The State and my early years of djing at the legendary club on Dale Street.

The State is such an iconic place steeped in history , from Letter to Brezhnev to the video shoot for Frankie Goes to Hollywood and so much more. The State really holds a special place in the hearts of so many people and even now when i get a chance to step back inside the building you can still feel that atmosphere in the air , i had so many amazing nights in there.

Liverpool has such an amazing history of night clubs but slowly but surely they are all either getting demolished or turned into something else. To name a few - Quadrant Park, Cream, Buzz club, Paradox have all been knocked down.

Club 051 is going to be student accommodation so The State is still here but its closed and only opens when i manage to put an event on there, It's now officially up for sale and it will be a sad day when it goes , lets hope someone buys it and we still get a chance to go there on some level , it would make an amazing wedding venue or bar / restaurant.

What also made me smile about the pic is the clothes i am wearing !! Although slightly shocking I'm sure most lads will admit to a check shirt , a pair of chinos and a pair of rockport boots - It was the fashion back then, HONEST!

The hair cut though leaves something to be desired but the pic really made me smile and i bet we all have some dodgy old pics of our old clubbing nights !!