Embarrassing Photos

Come on … We all have some terrible old pics from years gone by but i am unsure as to whether anyone has one with a worse haircut than mine!

I found this when rooting through some old boxes in the loft and i immediately rang my mum to ask her exactly what she was thinking and if she really was hoping that i would be a girl!! My Mum claims that it was all the fashion at the time but i'm not convinced at all. 

It also got me to thinking about how we just don't have any physical pictures anymore , theres nothing better than rooting thought loads of old memories and pics from year ago and having a real good laugh but nowadays they are all either on our phones or on our desktops and thats kinda sad i reckon. 

So if your looking for a good laugh and a boss night in then go get all your old pictures out and see if you can find one as bad as mine … If you do then feel free to tag me on my social networks!!